What: A Library of Things is like a traditional lending library, but you can hire things you don’t want to buy or own. Each Library of Things stocks stuff needed by its local community – ranging through garden tools, DIY equipment, camping gear and games. The initiative will deliver the first LoT in the Nailsworth area. We have a broad set of ambitions for the Library of Things: * Contribute to a zero-waste economy. * Challenge individual ownership You don’t have to own one to use one. * Make concrete contributions to reducing waste and GHG emissions Create an awareness that owning things is very resource intensive * Encourage a sharing community * Build back better – provide different post-pandemic models * Encourage community participation in a sustainable project * Establish a ‘permanent’ physical presence for NailsworthCAN * Create employment opportunities * Provide a platform for neighbours to share practical skills * Contribute to alleviating social inequality in accessing tools, equipment and resources * Help people save money, space and resources * Reduce clutter and hoarding * Inspire people to engage in social change

How: Not owning but borrowing and sharing ownership is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of the everyday things we do. Imagine the energy used in making 100 cordless drills, each used for a few hours during its lifetime, compared to one drill used by 100 people!

Carbon Saving not yet quantified

Further Information: We're at the research and consultation phase of the project. If you would like your say, then please take a look at the our survey


  • Solution: Waste > Waste Avoidance > Reduce > Tool / Equipment Sharing


Lead Group: Nailsworth Climate Action Network

Contact Name: Paul Hofman, Jennifer Adams

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Postcode: GL6 0AG

Locality: Nailsworth, Nailsworth, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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