What: To inform residents of the benefits of using an electric bike.

How: By providing an easily accessible event at a nearby location which lets residents try out various eBikes, learn more about them and ask questions of eBike specialists. Also helps raise the profile of the Greenway group and their plans to create a safe cycling, walking and jogging route connecting Wotton, Kingswood and Charfield.

Carbon Saving not yet quantified

Further Information: The Greenway Group help run this event. We have held one event so far and plan to re-run it in Spring/Summer 2020.


  • Theme: Mobility & Transport > Reduced Vehicle Use
  • Solution: Mobility & Transport > Reduced Vehicle Use > Bikes > Electric Bikes
  • Solution: Mobility & Transport > Reduced Vehicle Use > Bikes > Bike Tracks


Lead Group: Wotton Area Climate Action Network

Contact Name: Wotton Area CAN

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: N/A

Partner Groups Role: The Greenway Group - joint facilitation. eDemo (Nailsworth) - facilitation, bikes and advice

Related Initiatives: The Greenway (see above)


Postcode: GL12 8JR

Locality: Kingswood, Kingswood, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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