What: A wide variety of tree species throughout the town to be enjoyed by all. The trees that already exist are being supplemented by new planting.

How: Existing trees will be cared for and new trees planted to absorb carbon dioxide as well as provide public enjoyment. Events will be held to foster public appreciation of trees and all they can do. For example, we have recently held a birthday party for a 100 year old willow.

Carbon Saving not applicable

Further Information: The Stonehouse Community Arboretum Management Plan sets out the way in which Stonehouse Town Council will care for its trees, and invites other landowners to take the same approach. It was written with input from arboricultural professionals around the world and was subject to public consultation, before being adopted by the Town Council in September 2021 and launched in October 2021


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Lead Group: Stonehouse Town Council

Contact Name: John Parker

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Related Initiatives: Stonehouse community climate action forum


Postcode: GL10 2QA

Locality: Stonehouse, Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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