What: Training, advice and coordination to build capacity in the voluntary sector, around deep retrofit.

How: Through a combination of workshops, exhibitions, information resources, etc., to develop local voluntary knowledge. Also to offer advice and guidance for ensuing projects by community groups or householders.

Carbon Saving not applicable

Further Information: Deep retrofit in this context means looking at a fabric first approach over a timescale, aiming at carbon reduction of 50-60% over a 15-20 year period depending on location and available budget (and not necessarily to PassivHaus standard). This initiative does not directly cover renewable heat installations, but does bear these in mind.


  • Theme: Buildings & Their Environment > Building Performance
  • Theme: Influence > Engagement


Lead Group: Severn Wye Energy Agency

Contact Name: Justine Mallinson

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Contact Phone: 07480 93314

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Postcode: GL5 1DF

Locality: Stroud, Stroud Valley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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