What: - An 8km Greenway for pedestrians, cyclists, mobility scooters, wheelchair users and families providing a safe route from Uley to Cam & Dursley Station - Incorporating “Safe Routes to Schools” and eventually a link to Route 41 of the National Cycle Network at Slimbridge and to cycle routes being built in Stroud

How: - Project sponsored by Vale Vision - Included in County, District Local Plans, Neigbourhood plans, community plans and the masterplans for Littlecombe and NE Cam developments - The project team is a lobbying group working with all the local councils, developers and other groups to get the Greenway built - The project will be delivered step-by-step, bit-by-bit - We will overcome each challenge as and when we can - Sections will be built whenever possible and eventually be linked to provide an end-to-end Greenway - Funding will come from grants, match funding and income from new developments in the area such as Littlecombe Development, Ferney to Bymacks, North East Cam Development (part of the route is already open and being used at the Cam end of Littlecombe)

Carbon Saving not applicable

Further Information: Indicative route - Much of the route will be through the Littlecombe & NE Cam developments and on the old railway line wherever possible Key sections are: Uley to Dursley (Footpath opposite Parsons Close) Footpath opposite Parsons Close to Littlecombe Littlecombe Church Road Crossing, Cam to Memorial Hall, Cam Memorial Hall, Cam to Cam & Dursley Station (NE Cam Development) Cam & Dursley Station to Route 41 Slimbridge (Everside / Gossington)


  • Theme: Mobility & Transport > Reduced Vehicle Use


Lead Group: Vale Vision

Contact Name: Phil Littleford

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Contact Phone: 07887 895 236

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Postcode: GL11 4HN

Locality: Dursley, Dursley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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