What: Located on the Bisley Chestergate Allotments this voluntarily run scheme opened in November 2005. It is the first community composting scheme in the Stroud District and is the longest-running community composting scheme in Gloucestershire. Members of the scheme bring their garden waste to the composting site. Volunteers manage the scheme, with help from some paid local labour. Once composted, the product is offered back to its members, and allotment holders, to be used in their gardens and allotments, thereby returning valuable nutrients to the soil, and helping sequester carbon. The community has led this scheme for 15 years for the benefit of the community. It transforms unwanted garden waste from the community into compost. This excellent, independently-analysed ‘soil conditioner’, will then feed the gardens of Bisley, increase local soil fertility, sequester carbon, help wildlife, and help produce fine crops.

How: Bisley Community Composting Scheme is a Members only scheme to take garden 'waste', 'hot compost' it and return it as useable compost to members. Members (now limited to residents of Bisley -with- Lypiatt Parish Council ) who pay an annual fee of £30, bring their garden materials to site, we sort it in bays, shred larger branches, and layer it (greens and browns) into 6 composting bins. The bins are turned by machine and after 6-8 weeks moved to a large "bund" where composting continues. Unsieved material on this "Bund" is available free of charge for allotment holders and any others to collect. We sieve and bag to produce a fine high quality (and analysed) compost that is available for a donation of £3 per bag.

Carbon Saving not yet quantified

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Lead Group: Bisley Community Composting scheme

Contact Name: Lesley Greene

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Contact Phone: 07760258160

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Related Initiatives: Brismscombe and Thrupp Community Composting scheme Gloucestershire County Council and Garden Organic Master Composters Scheme


Postcode: GL6 7NH

Locality: Bisley-with-Lypiatt, Bisley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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