What: Somewhere for people to drop items that are not recycled at the curb side such as biscuit and crisp packets.

How: Recycling existing packaging means less new packaging will need to be produced. Adding another recycling hub to the already existing ones may also mean that community members will need to travel less to drop their recycling off

Carbon Saving not yet quantified

Further Information: This project will be up and running by the end of November 2021 and we will release information about what packaging we can accept


  • Solution: Waste > Waste Processing > Recycling > Plastic Recycling


Lead Group: Stroud District Action on Plastic

Contact Name: Kathryn Johnson

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Related Initiatives: Terracycle


Postcode: GL5 1RN

Locality: Stroud, Stroud Valley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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