What: Encourages people use reusable nappies by offering guidance as well as heavily discounted starter packs and vouchers to use towards purchase

How: The 2008 Defra report found that disposable nappies, if used for an average of two and a half years, “would result in a global warming impact of approximately 550kg of carbon dioxide” whereas, if reusable nappies were laundered and dried to best practice the carbon impact could be reduced to 470kg.

Carbon Saving not applicable

Further Information: Did you know: Every day Gloucestershire residents throw away over 86,000 disposable nappies! Disposing of disposable nappies costs Gloucestershire over £100,000 per year! Disposable nappies which end up in landfill could take up to 500 years to rot away! Use real nappies to... Reduce waste - your family can cut its waste in half by switching to real nappies Be kinder to the environment - reusable nappies produce fewer greenhouse gases in their production and use than disposable nappies Save money - you can save up to £600 by switching to reusable nappies. A baby uses about half a tonne of disposable nappies (about 5,000) from birth to potty (2.5 years average)


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