What: To enable ad hoc sampling of air quality at key locations in the town to supplement and extend that available from Stroud District Council. This will include on-going sampling at different locations, and different times of day, and weather conditions, to highlight potential for harmful levels in key locations. The goal is to provide evidence for changes in transport that will benefit health by reducing exhaust emissions, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

How: Using voluteers with Pluma Labs FLOW handheld meters that monitor N2O, VOC, PM10 and PM25, which can uploaded and analysed on a home computer.

Carbon Saving not applicable

Further Information: For locations such as schools, will seek permissions to carry out the monitoring. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. The SDC single fixed monitoring station on A46 close to the centre of Nailsworth monitors N2O only. The portable FLOW meters do not monitor Ozone or SO2, but at this stage our focus is on NO2 and particulates.


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Lead Group: Nailsworth Climate Action Network

Contact Name: Richard Erskine

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Postcode: GL6 0DU

Locality: Nailsworth, Nailsworth, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West

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