What: Our compost (soil conditioner) is of course peat free but we conducted research into commercial peat free composts and found some were very poor, others better - see our recommended list We provided demonstrations and talks on peat free growing during 2021 at the village Fetes and the annual allotment gathering in Bisley.

How: We educate people on why the peatlands need to be protected, enabling them to make better choices when buying compost. We also offer advice and guidance on how to 'grow your own' which contributes towards carbon neutrality.

Carbon Saving not yet quantified

Further Information: The Bisley Community Compost Scheme produces peat free compost that is available to buy. Just take a look at our Website Our peat free campaign also convinced the local Stancombe Farm Shop to stock Sylvagrow peat free compost.


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Lead Group: Bisley Community Composting scheme

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